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Our Inspiration

We believe in a sustainable development that focuses on conserving the environment by applying non-traditional methods of home construction. Traditional construction involves a lot of excavation, vegetation clearing and dust pollution in addition to using unrecyclable materials such as concrete and stones, which are directly sourced from the ground through excavation and mining. This results in significant destruction of environment and the general aesthetics of nature.

Our work is focused on providing houses with the least impact to the environment. Our superstructure is made of a shipping container. The container is made of steel which can be recycled into other useful products. The containers are portable and will not require any extensive excavations and vegetation clearing. It is simple, We Fabricate Offsite, We Transport, We Hoist and Place. 

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The Process

Our process is modelled to ensure the client is at the leading front of the whole process. We deliver the product as per the clients' expectations and beyond. The process involves Four Stages detailed below

First Stage

Design Stage

We meet our clients during the initial design stage.  Here we listen and understand and take into account the client requirements and specifications. This may include things like window types and location, door types, interior and exterior finishing and orientation among other design requirements. Our process is simple and we ensure the client is at the forefront of the process

Second stage

Final Design 

After our meeting with the client, we embark on producing final designs and plans. We produce structural plans, architectural plans, floor plans, site plans, electrical and plumbing plans. Our design process is free of charge. We use high power architectural software called Autodesk Revit hence our designs are upto Building Codes specifications. We commence fabrication of the shipping container upon clients' satisfaction and approval of the final designs

Stage Three

Fabrication and Finishing

This is the stage in which we actaully convert a shipping container into a full house. Our team of steel workers include a welder, a metal fabricator and a carpenter. The process can last between 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity and size.

Stage Four

Transport, Hoist and Place

This is the final stage that involves transporting the house from the fabrication shop into its new home. We use the services of a truck or trailer and a crane truck. We also offer ground preparation such as concrete pads or concrete bases where the container will sit. The most preferred method of placing is using sheer steel plates welded at the bottom of the container and bolted to the concrete pad or footing to offer additional stability. However, the container's load is design to withstand the normal wind speeds experienced across East Africa. We also offer porch construction services.