Luckily, with The Roof Project Roofing, a decision to repair or replace your roof won’t come often. For over 20 years, we have seen customers based their decision on the fact that we do roof repair, emergency roofing, roofing systems, and roofing installations. No job is too large or too small.

Our legacy comes from original services in:

• Emergency Roof Repair
• Roof Maintenance
• Roof Construction
• Roof Design
• Clay Tile Roofing
• Roof Repair

Multiple roof level options for fit and looks.

Irregular edge wall lines, especially in roof applications for the roof layout. Makes roof repair convenient and practicable.

What are the basic types of roof designs?

1) Flat- must have a slight slope for drainage
2) Shed- a single slope.
3) Gable- two slopes meeting at a ridge. Two walls extend up to the ridge.
4) Hip- two gables, a pyramid could be deemed a hip roof.
5) Gambrel- four slopes in one direction, the standard barn roof.
6) Mansard- two gambrels. Fundamentally the mansard is to the gambrel what the hip is to gable.

There are several tips for prevention roof repair.

Conduct regular roof inspections provided by roof contractor at least twice a year. It is highly recommended to execute fall and spring inspections. This is especially recommended for the residential roof repair. In particular parts of the country, the winter takes a heavy sacrifice on your roof. If you observe any sort of leak, small or big, your first deed should be calling the roof contractor. If left alone, the leaky roof can cause irreparable damage to insulation, walls, ceilings, flooring and personal property.